FREE PLANET Radio broadcasts daily from 6 to 9 pm

FREE PLANET Radio broadcasts healing chants performed by South American shamans of Amazonia and the Andes, as well as insightful stories about us as not only biological, but also energy beings or about the way chakras work. Stored in our body, these energy centres control the situations which we go through and determine the quality of our relationships as well as our satisfaction or dissatisfaction in diverse areas of living. During our broadcast, you can test techniques that enable cleaning the energy centres from blocking energy, activating them and thereby making life an adventure full of beauty and fun. The techniques are tested and verified through thousands of years by not just South American shamans. The radio is also used for online broadcasting of certain events. Streaming will be available in multiple languages.

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Everyone listening to our radio heals themselves and improves their quality of life. It is DEFINITELY possible and we can feel growingly happier, satisfied and thus beneficial for every person we meet. You are welcome to spread the word about our radio all around you, because the more people learn truthful information about themselves and the way they live, heal and develop their extrasensory, but definitely natural abilities - and you know that being healthy and beneficial is the duty of every intelligent and powerful being - and do specific things to make a positive difference on the planet, the sooner and more likely is THAT TO HAPPEN. Thank you for your support and help and for being not happy to be satisfied with how things work on our planet these days and indifferent with the direction of its development.